After working with Brie my perspective on money and how I look at things changed. It wasn’t, “ What am I going to do next? How am I going to get it?” Instead it became, “How am I going to make it easier to feel more comfortable achieving my goals?”
Joel Gibson

Purchasing Manager, Southington, CT

Before I worked with Brie, my money situation was tight because I was recently divorced, so I was just kind of trying to take on all the extra financial burdens on my own. I took on a second job because I was struggling. I wasn’t struggling to make ends meet, I have that and I was starting to save, but to just get more clarity on what I was going to do with my money and where I was going to go with my future and how I was going to survive this transition.

At the time, I hadn’t tried anything in particular to work on my money goals. I did do some consolidations with some credit card debt that I have through the American Credit Counseling Association, which really just minimized my interest rates and let me get a handle on my credit card debt a little, but other than that there wasn’t a lot more that I did.

My process working with Brie has very much been internal. A lot of it has been self discovery and understanding my limiting beliefs surrounding money and success and wealth and abundance. My mindset has changed a lot! For me, I really feel that the benefits that I’m gaining through this experience are going to manifest themselves down the line. They’re going to continue to present themselves as I continue on this journey in the future because of how my outlook and mindset has changed.

Plus, the best part of working with Brie is Brie. Her optimism and personality are just so motivating and you get such a sense of optimism for yourself. She’s really good at honing in very specifically to your individual needs. She works with clients of all types of backgrounds and all different situations, and yet she really gets to know what changes you need to make specifically for yourself. For me, I I had my debt under control, I was saving, and managing my money wasn’t the issue. For me, it was increasing my cash flow and what she’s motivated me to do is find a new job. I already put in my letter of resignation and I’m in the process of looking for a new job. I have a couple of offers, so I think what it is is finding exactly what your specific needs are and working with you where you are at.

After working with Brie I have a better sense of awareness and I’m better off in knowing and having more clarity with my strengths, my weaknesses, my goals – and feeling more like my goals are attainable and not feeling like I’m stuck anywhere.

I would tell everyone to work with Brie, which I do just because it’s transformational. It’s a life changing experience that anyone can benefit from. I always say, you know, she’s a Financial Advisor, but I would always say she’s actually a life coach. You should talk to her about whatever is concerning you because whether it’s finances or life, it’s all the same thing.


Montessori Teacher, New Haven, CT