Marianne Silva of Waterbury is an accomplished, successful, empowered woman.

She has an MSW (Master’s of Social Work degree) from the prestigious Columbia University School of Social Work and works as a 
clinician—a full-time trauma therapist—with the PTSD Residential Rehabilitation Program at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

In her “spare time,” Marianne is the owner, manager and resident clinical therapist at the Sirsha Yoga & Wellness Center in Southington.

“At Sirsha Wellness, I empower women to harness their strengths, bust through fear, and design a life they love,” Marianne writes on the Sirsha website. “If you’re here, my guess is that you’re feeling super stressed and looking for a way to live your purpose while balancing the demands of a crazy career, school or family.”

“I get it,” she adds in the Welcome message. “There are so many pressures for us as women, professionals, moms, partners & friends. It’s a balancing act and that tightrope is only getting thinner. Our generation is overwhelmed with the pressure to achieve all the while wondering “Who am I in this world that’s constantly changing?”

Marianne, who has been working with women and survivors of trauma for more than six years, helps clients peel back the layers hiding their enlightened true selves and find the “inner light eager to shine through.”

As someone who is highly educated, driven, and intuitive about the things that can hold people back from the well balanced lives they desire, Marianne seems like an unlikely candidate to need help herself.

But that’s not the case.

Even though she has a good salary and a side business, Marianne and her husband, who have two children, 10 and 3, found that they weren’t making progress toward their goals.

“I felt like I needed help understanding where my money was going,” Marianne says. She needed accountability.

Marianne first encountered Brie Sodano online through mutual friends, and started following her on social media.

“I felt like she was speaking to me,” Marianne says of Brie, explaining that she liked Brie’s engaging but no-nonsense approach to money and reached out to her.

“Brie is incredibly personable and down to earth,” says Marianne, who is in the midst of Brie’s six-month coaching program, “but she’s not just going to placate you to make you happy.”

Working with Brie, Marianne says, is like “getting financially naked in order to help you. It can be uncomfortable but that’s how you change.”

Throughout the process Brie provides clients with a tremendous amount of support.

“She’s really helping me streamline how I manage money and prioritize things,” says Marianne, who is following Brie’s process of “letting go of stuff not aligned with your long-term goals.”

As a result, Marianne has already made tremendous progress, and is positioned to deal with things like a clothes dryer or dishwasher breaking without feeling panicked. “I had the cash right there [to deal with it],” Marianne says.

All of a sudden she’s not stressed about money.

“She’s really encouraging and creative,” Marianne says of Brie, who has also helped change Marianne’s business model to bring in more income.

Another thing Marianne loves about working with Brie is all the great people she’s meeting in the process. “She’s done a nice job building a sense of community,” Marianne says of Brie.

To learn more about how Brie can help you change your life and become a Shark, contact her or schedule a call with her.

To connect with Marianne and Sirsha Yoga & Wellness Center, email or call Sirsha at (203) 232-3107.

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