Jenna Hyler has two outlooks on life—the one from before she began working with financial advisor Brie Sodano, and her new mindset, the one that will take her From Sheep to Shark and to a new level of success with money and in life.

For Jenna, the issue that brought her to Brie was student loans, significant ones in the neighborhood of $100,000.

“I spoke to her about my student loans and how they were holding me back,” says Jenna, who has a Master’s Degree in community psychology and works for Naugatuck Youth Services.

It was the youth services bureau director who suggested Jenna connect with Brie. They began their business relationship with Brie’s 6-month program designed to change clients’ mindset about money for the better.

“I grew up in a not wealthy household,” Jenna says. Her parents were blue collar, and didn’t think much of America’s CEOs and the amount of money they earn.

Jenna’s college degree was based on a desire to do better than her parents and previous generations of the family, but that aspiration was coupled with the thought that she didn’t “need a whole lot of money” to accomplish the ascension or to be happy.

Then student loans kicked in and were joined by the pressures of being a working adult with a family that now includes a child.

“I work in the nonprofit sector and so I never really thought about getting paid what I was worth,” recalls Jenna, who doesn’t work full-time at the moment.

Working with Brie has transformed Jenna’s mindset, at the same time that it has also erased her guilt about having a stack of student loan debt.

The loans are now just a circumstance she and Brie are attacking. There are bigger things and goals to make a priority.

“Now working with Brie I’m thinking about doing a career change,” says Jenna. “I don’t want to stay in the nonprofit field. I want to transition.”

Transition is the key word, along with perspective.

In the past, the things holding Jenna back seemed defining and immoveable. Now, with Brie’s sharing the Sheep to Shark mindset and financial planning expertise with Jenna, past impediments to success are merely circumstances about to be overcome.

To learn more about how Brie can help you change your life and become a Shark, email her at or call her at (860) 417-3393

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