One of the biggest worries people have about their money is believing they’re going to have to live like a pauper to get ahead. Here’s the deal… imagine your purse. How much crap do you carry that you don’t want or need? At this exact moment, I have at least an eight day old avocado in there.
I know! That is gross. I am embarrassed that I admitted that to my followers. But here’s the deal, if you dumped the contents of your purse on the floor, picked up everything that you need, left the wrappers, pennies, coupons and went about your day, would you miss it?
This is what you have to do with your money.
It’s not about cutting back. I can’t even begin to count the number of people who’ve come to my office and said, “I’m going to have to get rid of my yoga classes.” Or, “I’m not going to go out with my friends.” That’s not where your money is going.
So, here’s the deal. When I get into the deep nitty gritty about what’s going on with someone’s money, I find waste. If you were to reach deep into the kitchen cabinet and pull out the can of corn furthest in the back, will it be from 2007? That’s waste. That’s stuff you bought that you didn’t need or want.
If you were to go into your closet, your drawers, your kids drawers and their closets, would you find stuff that you only wore once or twice? Or still has the tags on it? Or that never even fit you, but you bought it because it was cheap and on sale? This is the sort of stuff that we’re talking about when there’s waste in our budget.
There’s no such thing as wasting money because you got something for it.
Except when you have an abundance of stuff that you don’t get joy and happiness from. It ends up taking away from your financial capabilities. When we are looking into the transactions, before we make any cuts about anything that we actually love (like yoga or wine or dance classes for the kids), cut the waste out of the budget first. A lot of times, we have waste in our groceries and household shopping.
You want to look for inefficiencies.
Most of my clients spend an awful lot of time doing price shopping. They’re going to the grocery store many times. They’re going into Target and buying stuff on Amazon. They are doing extra work to buy their actual items. You want to look for these inefficiencies and get rid of them.
Then, you want to look for Low Joy Purchases. When I see Low Joy Purchases, it’s stuff that we mindlessly buy for the kids or other people. Sometimes it’s stuff that we would put on our faces. Sometimes it’s toys or clothes. Other times it’s cheap throw pillows or housewares. It’s stuff that if we didn’t buy, we would still live our lives and be fine.
Most of my clients are looking to fund big house renovations or family vacations. Some of my clients are looking to retire. They’re looking for the stuff that you’d pick-up and put back in your purse after dumping it out. It’s the stuff that’s important to you and you want to be doing. And then, there’s the little stuff where there’s not a lot of desire behind it.
This is part of what I’ll be teaching at my Money Mastery Weekend event. I’ll also be teaching The Invisible System. It shows you the Five Types of Money that you need to have your finances under control.
Also, I’ll be giving you strategies around what to look for in your transactions. You can start to cut back without having to make any sacrifices. Chances are there’s money in your budget for things you’re not going to miss. If you found out what they are, you’d have more money available for the stuff that is important to you.

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