Clients hire me to help them gain control over their financial situation.

A main principle I use….is to keep the things you really enjoy and value in the budget.
Coffee comes up a lot!

Here is the story I tell my clients as we decide if drive thru coffee is the best use of resources.

We each have 3 types of resources to use daily.

Time- 24 hours per person per day
Mental Energy- The f*%@s we give every day (If you are my friend or client you’ve heard me say limited f*%@s often)
Money- it takes time and f*%@s to make money.
I used to have a DD addiction. I’d purchase on average 11 cups of coffee at $103 per month. I’d spend 9-17 minutes procuring each cup… 12 hours per month!!!! I’d give a f*%@ if the jerk in front of me ordered sandwiches…or if I was late, and where the closest DD was.

Busy is the disease. I didn’t need one more thing to do… not at a cost of 12 hours per month.

I gave up drive thru coffee…

I spend $19 per month on grounds and half and half. I spend 1 hour making coffee… I spend no fucks…I am never late (because of the drive-thru line), I never waste my daily alottment of f*%@s spitting fiery rage in line-.

The best part is I sit with a hot cup of coffee in the morning… where I used to sit in a drive thru. I watch the birds and compose my thoughts for the day. I use the same amount of time in a better way.

You must master your time and mental energy to manage your money.

Saving $80 per month wouldn’t have been enough to change that habit, I stopped drinking drive thru coffee 4 years ago. 12 hours of enjoying and relaxing is more important…arriving to work calm and collected is nicer than rushing with a Styrofoam cup

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