Becoming debt free is not the first step towards wealth the same way losing 20 pounds is not the first step towards health. More people hold themselves back with the idea of being “debt free” then ending up debt free.

Before you start chipping away at the debt, you need a plan moving towards what you want for your future self. Are you looking to save for the kids’ college? Are you thinking about renovating the kitchen? Do you want to be able to go on vacation without anxiety about money?

Once you have a plan for what you want, you can then address the debt as part of this plan. You need to unlearn the habits that got you into the debt in the first place. Evaluate how much you are willing to pay for perception.

It’s more than becoming debt free. It will happen for you one day, but if you don’t consider what got you there in the first place, it won’t be long before you’re chipping away at it again. Consider how much time you waste chasing convenience and how different life could be if you were reaching your financial goals.

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